Best Robot Vacuum for Allergenics

If you will care to ask homeowners, many of them will surely tell you that vacuuming and cleaning is one of their most hated chores around the house. This is the very reason why robotic vacuums have become a very welcomed innovation. Through the use of these smart vacuums, people no longer have to spend a lot of their precious time trying to keep their floors clean and shiny. They just need to set up their robot vacuum, and relax while it gets the cleaning job done on their behalf.

This is certainly great news since the accumulation of pollen, hair, pet dander, and dust that come from the outdoors can wreak serious havoc on a member of the family who suffers from allergies. A robotic vacuum will be able to keep all of these allergens under control with no need for you to worry or bother about doing the vacuuming every single day.

Your pets can also present some challenge to these robotic vacuums. Although there are models which have not been especially designed for coping with pet hair, you can find some units on the market which do great with this task. Choosing any of these models is an effective and efficient method to keep dust bunnies and allergies in check.

How to Choose the Best Robot Vacuum for Allergenics 

When searching for the best robot vacuum for allergenics, there are several factors that you have to consider. Through weighing each of these factors based on their importance to you, you can be sure that you will come up with the best decision.

  • Size

Today’s robot vacuums vary a lot in terms of size. If it is important for you that your robot vacuum can get into those nooks and corners where pet hair accumulates, such as under beds as well as other furniture pieces that sit low to the floor. In these cases, a model with lower profile is your most ideal option. Similarly, an overall model can get into tighter areas which can lead to a more thorough and comprehensive cleaning.

  • Filters

HEPA or high efficiency particular air filters can offer the best protection for those who are suffering from allergies since these can trap most microscopic pollutants. It means fewer dust mites, less pollen, and less pet dander inside your home. These HEPA filters are still somewhat new in the market of robot vacuums but you can now find models that come with them.

  • Easy to clean

For these models to be considered as the best robot vacuum for allergenics, these models should also be easy to take apart for cleaning purposes. In the same way, the brushrolls must not tangle that easily, and if they do, these must still be relatively easy to clean.

  • Batteries

All in all, the NiMH batteries boast of a much better capacity compared to NiCD batteries although the lithium ion batteries as said to be much better. A model which makes use of lithium ion batteries can operate for 1 and a half hours before it requires a charge.

Vintage Craftsman Table Saw: Resurrecting An Old Reliable

A Vintage Craftsman Table Saw is one of those tools that can command as much attention as the latest technologically advanced power tool in the market. I had that in mind when I decided to bring back to life what may be considered my family’s heirloom – a sturdy Craftsman model table saw that my grandfather bought in 1950s.

Dusting Off My Vintage Craftsman Table Saw

I must admit that my knowledge about power tools, table saws in particular, is limited to the basics. Hence, my first impulse when deciding to resurrect my grandfather’s table saw was to scour the Internet for information on DIY projects about restoring this type of power tool. Unfortunately, most of the sites I found online dealt with selling vintage table saws.

I found several websites and blogs that took me through the steps in refurbishing and restoring an old table saw. However, most if not all of the instructions did not make sense to me. It’s not that the articles were poorly written, it’s just that I could not comprehend the things that the authors were saying. Despite my initial problem, I remained positive that I’d be able to see the day that the rickety machine that has been standing in the garage for years would be whirling back to life.

My Eureka Moment

As I mentioned earlier, I am not that well-versed about the intricacies of power tools. So, it was a relief when I stumbled on a site that provided information about my grandfather’s table saw. Thanks to the website, I learned that the table saw was called a Craftsman Tilting Arbor Bench Saw. I later learned that the model was one of the better models when it was released in the early 50s.

The Search For A Professional Vintage Craftsman Table Saw Restorer

By this time, I had accepted that my grandiose ambition of restoring the table saw on my own would be an exercise in futility. My next logical step was to look for a professional who specialized in plowing through years’ worth of dust and restoring old table saws. My vintage tilting-arbor bench saw had accumulated rust and was missing several important parts a scenario that could only mean two things – restoring the tool was impossible or I would have to cough a substantial amount of money just to make it work again.

Letting Go Of The Vintage Tool

Craftsman Table SawIn the end, I decided that it would be impractical to spend so much money on the old table saw considering the amount needed to restore it and the fact that I was not the best woodworker in the planet. Nevertheless, I had the machine cleaned and dusted just in case I decide to invest on it and push through with its restoration.

Luckily, the saw’s motor is still working, making it possible to actually make it work in the future. For now, however, this Vintage Craftsman Table Saw and its floating drive, as its motor mounting was called back in the 50s, would have to sit in the garage waiting to be resurrected.

How to Deodorize a Carpet

According this article most homes have carpet flooring which adds to the aesthetic value of their rooms. Some people don’t mind buying carpet of high cost because they know their worth and will do everything to keep it nice and attractive. However, sometimes we all face some problems with our lovely carpets which can spoil our mood for the whole day. I am talking of unpleasant odors which can make one have catarrh for about one week and other serious conditions as well. This is normally the case especially when there is high traffic over the carpet area or some household pets like to nap there. I might have remembered one particular incidence of yours, sorry and don’t worry because below are useful tips on how to deodorize our carpet.


baking sodaThe first method is deodorizing your carpet with half cup of baking soda and borax mixed with one teaspoon of ground spices and cinnamon. You leave them to dry in a well ventilated area for sometime. Then you sprinkle the mixture on the carpet evenly and moderately. You allow the carpet to dry for about twenty minutes. After the said time, you vacuum spray the carpet and you will not feel the scent of the bad odor again. However please take note that cinnamon is not used on light carpet. This method really works best for carpets which have bad scents due to pets. (source)

Vinegar carpet cleanerThe second method you would love to hear is deodorizing our carpet using vinegar. This method is really interesting. Though many people do not like the smell of vinegar but the method is effective in the sense that vinegar has the ability to absorb bad odors. What you will do to make things easier for you is get a bottle and put the vinegar liquid in it. Then spray the content evenly and moderately onto the carpet. After about thirty minutes, when the vinegar is dried, you will be smiling because the carpet will be odorless.

The third method will be getting rid of bad odor from your carpet usually as a result of urine and other stains. You may be wondering what this method is. It’s pretty simple, just get your hand on any cheap vodka. First, pour a little vodka on the stain allowing it to act for about ten to twenty minutes. Vodka has the ability to kill germs and remove stains. During this time you can use some small hand towels to absorb excess moisture. Then the carpet is vacuum cleaned and you will not see the stains and the carpet will be odorless. Prevention is always better than cure. This does apply to carpets as well. Ensuring proper ventilation, reducing moisture content in our homes as well as vacuum spraying our carpets will go a long way to improve the freshness of our carpets. I believe now you have realized that deodorizing our carpets is nothing difficult. I hope you have enjoyed. Thanks.

Creating The Perfect Bedroom

Your bedroom should be your ultimate place of relaxation. Your bedroom should be filled with reminders of all the things you love. Your bedroom should be a place where you can completely unwind from your day and escape from reality for a little bit. In order for your bedroom to be the oasis, it’s supposed to be you have to do a few things first.

Here are a few ways you can achieve the perfect get away in your own bedroom.

1. Color

Color is one of the most important aspects when decorating in general. It is even more important when it comes to decorating a bedroom. The colors of a bedroom determine the entire mood of the space. To create a cozy and relaxing space your bedroom will need to be filled with warm colors. Warm colors include shades of red, pink, yellow, orange, tan, brown, crème, deep purple, navy blue, etc. If you live somewhere where you can paint the walls you can paint one of these colors and instantly create a cozy feel to the room.

2. Lighting

Lighting is another thing that can make or break the atmosphere and mood in a bedroom. Most bedrooms have overhead lighting but the problem is that overhead lighting is not cozy or romantic. Your best bet in a bedroom would be light via lamps. Another thing to consider is the type of light you want in your bedroom. Most people prefer yellow lighting in bedrooms because it gives off a softer and more relaxed feel. White lighting most often brings a very upbeat and exciting feel to a room, which is not what most people are going for when decorating their bedroom.

3. Pictures

What fills the walls of your bedroom is probably what you will think about the most when you are in there. If you are a huge family person then having pictures of your loved ones filled with happy memories will bring peace to you in your bedroom. If you are a traveler or want to be a traveler pictures of different places around the world will inspire you. If your ultimate relaxation spot is on the beach but you don’t live close to one fill your room with pictures that remind you of the beach to help you escape there when you are stressed out. Whatever is it that brings you the most comfort; fill your walls with those things.

4. Accessories

Bring objects into your bedroom that will make you happy. If you love music and the way it makes you feel get a really nice sound system in your bedroom. If you feel comfort curled up watching a movie mount a TV on the wall of your bedroom. Every little thing that you bring into your bedroom will add to the total atmosphere of the room. Big fluffy rugs will also help bring a cozy and relaxed feel to a bedroom. You just need to find the things that you like and that make you the happiest.

After you have created your perfect bedroom the only way you are going to be able to completely relax in there is if you feel safe. A great way to accomplish the feeling of safety in your home is by purchasing a top of the line home security system.