How to choose the Best Table Saw

At work or at home using a diverse tool. So how to choose a table saw is the same as the head ponder meat processing plant, as well as a simple carpenter, which it needs to cut wood in the domestic environment.

best-table-saw-reviewsDevice table saws: 1 - base 2 - pipe for the removal of sawdust, 3 - switch, 4 - a protective casing, 5 - a protective casing, mobile, 6 - the scale of the housing angle.

This fact in the first place means that the saw can be completely different for fastening methods of use and is designed to work with a very wide range of materials:




There is no doubt that the reader knows, table saw - a circular disk, with a certain number of teeth. Everything else, what this drink is attached, can be called a tool that facilitates and ensures the work table saw. Therefore, intending to choose a table saw, a person decides what kind of way to use this tool it more to their liking.

Regardless of the purpose and scope of future use

Realizing the need to have its own table saw and almost without knowing anything about this equipment, you should start with the examination of drinking their appearance. He can say the following:

The comparative table of the most used table saws.

    Working blade surface, its width and the material;

    reliable fixing of the working surface and other parts;

    engine power;

    very easy to secure the saw blade, the ability of mobile substitution.

Then, picking up a table saw, you can roughly determine its weight and convenience of this design to suit individual needs. For example, a saw, which weighs less than 8 kg, hardly cope with the large volume of work.

Sometimes it is necessary to trust your instincts, if you take the device in advance and do not like it that it seems not very comfortable, it is better to continue to look for another model.

And the degree of protection cost

iAs already stated, table saws can be used for various types of materials. Most often, this wood. Disc saw can perform longitudinal, cross-sectional views. But the saw can be used for cutting plastic, metal-plastic and even a saw for cutting metal.

For all kinds of materials, the following differences of Discs:

The circuit layout of the circular electric saw.

    diameter of the disc;

    tooth form, their distribution on the disk;

    number of teeth.

Saw blades made of high-alloy or carbon steel, the last of the teeth made of tungsten or carbide. Moreover, there is no universal drives. They differ even for the same material, as part of any cutting is performed: longitudinal or transverse. For example, for cutting materials across, use a special grinding, which presupposes the existence of a negative angle sharpening.

Choosing table saw is necessary to pay attention to the security measures taken by the manufacturer to create their models. This can be anything: a button protects against accidental activation, all kinds of frames and attachments, limiting the likelihood of injury. To the degree of protection in modern saws can be attributed, and electronic devices, which are clearly controlled by operation of the unit and ensure it off when the saw huddled. This will prevent the user not only from a possible reverse shock wave, but the motor from overheating and damage it.

Profiles tooth saws.

saw-blade-types-table-saws-8019In view of the above, when buying a table saw blade, paying attention to all these benefits, or, conversely, cons, do not chase the expensive commodity. Perhaps, for the country, in a house for small household repairs will be enough for the saw to work with light materials. This greatly helps to save the family budget.

In that case, dear saw with high capacity is impractical. But pay attention to the work surface, the guide rails, fastening elements have to be sure the equipment. Monitor the safety of the work can be started with the purchase.

Technical information

Very important is the engine power. That it will provide the rotation of the disk. Therefore, you should pay attention to compliance with these values. Weak engine will be very difficult to give the necessary number of revolutions of the disk for a certain unit of time. Slow uptake disk will slow down the work, and this is, at best, and at worst - just such a saw could not cut it thicker and durable wood species.

In this connection distinguish saws designed for cutting materials of different thicknesses, strengths.

The level of professionalism and the required power to the instrument, are distinguished:

The information published on the saw blade of a table saw.

    cutting of lightweight materials (up to 800W);

    Universal cutting (800 to 1200 W);

    professional sawing (more than 1,200, the required voltage 2.2 kW).

The required voltage is not too large.

Very well, if set to the saw has a set of additional discs of different diameters. By changing them using the same power, it is possible to achieve the possibility of sawing materials of different thicknesses. Before buying is to know how easy it is to buy replacement wheels to the model. In fact it is not an easy process. Discs may differ not only by the teeth on the edge of the circle and its diameter, but also the depth of planting. Sometimes it is very difficult to find the right configuration. Some stores are available adapters, allowing to use "non-native" saw the plates. It is necessary to take into account labeling discs. Use material inappropriate physical parameters may result in equipment damage.

Fixed Table saw

Special devices for securing table saw, allow to obtain a stationary mini-machine, which is very convenient to operate.

In addition, there are plunge-cut saws, which allow to start and finish the process of sawing at any point of the selected object. Sometimes it is necessary not to saw a board into several pieces, and make it like a notch. Sometimes it is necessary to make a cut at the start or the end product. Skilled craftsmen can be used for such purposes and conventional saws.

Typically, in the accompanying passport indicates the number of rotations at idle. The more speed saw, the smoother and will get cut without flaws. It speaks for the high quality of manufactured goods.

This thickness information is attached values which can be cut to specific device. Cut at an angle of 90 degrees, and 45. There are no special tricks. And if the equipment properly, then there is no reason to doubt the authenticity of the accompanying facts.

This saw can be classified as stationary saws. It has the same technical diversity, as well as hand saw. With the correct grinding disc by varying the power and selecting the correct diameter circular plates on the table saw can saw wood, glass materials, metal, plastic, drywall -practically all but concrete.

It is almost always ready to work, saves time for the adaptation of the employee and his addiction to the device. Accelerates sawing standard plates, placing it nearly potok.Takzhe ensures more secure compliance with labor.

When choosing a table saw must be guided almost the same principles as for the manual version of the product. But they added the table area, and even more strict control on the selection of saw blades. Here are the most important additional functions, because there is no manual adjustment of cutting. When the price is very quickly recouped the difference would be a shame that I had to work on the equipment the worst possibilities.

Useful tools and features

Modern saws have many advantages over their predecessors, today is helpful to have some improvement in their table saw, regardless of the method and application of space:

    amortization brushes indicator;

    cleaning system from dust and sawdust;

    a removable battery or the electric motor;

    laser aiming for sawing lines.

Perhaps for someone these features seem superfluous, but still they make it easier to work with the device, making it secure in terms of equipment safety and eliminate the reference to the service centers on the little things, for example, such as damage to the electrical supply cable .

If you look at the table the most frequent breakdowns in tsirkulyarok, the brush wear is almost the most common defect, which may be provided by watching the special indicator.

To improve the quality of work and to reduce the time spent is very convenient to use laser pointer lines cut. I must say that some of the masters who have bought a cheaper model came up with some very interesting tools that help get a smooth cut down. Who can ask and look for comparative video tutorials for different saws that do not have a laser tag.

Many saws have a system that protects against sharp start working disk that protects the motor from voltage surges in the early works.

Each person decides for himself whether he needs these innovations, because every visible and tangible benefits of the device makes the price higher. The example shows that the savvy and skills allow the elimination of many innovations. Sometimes allowable costs for expensive equipment can be explained by savings obtained, depending on the speed and quality of work.

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