Hoover Max Extract 77 Reviews

1) Review of Hoover Max Extract 77 Carpet Cleaner


In the previous model was present metallic smell, not maneuverable wheels went inside not only lying, not rubberized, I think at this fixed! Put 4 and 5 for the convenience and functionality that have fixed nozzles included.

Lightweight 4 kg, packing, good filter, convenient shake by pressing the trash

It was not the stand immediately and fixed it! Rather weak absorption. product quality is low, as a toy, it is terrible to such … just not do and fractures, fall off (Can Chinese fake caught …

2) Review from Eva, New York

Unfortunately, not all as good as we would like.

It works, in general, not bad. Even good, lightweight, maneuverable. We really like the bristles of brushes – a tough, All cat hair collects.

BUT  the material from which made the tube – very fragile. Cracks appeared in a month. I do not think I have to click on them with the power of the bear – I’m the girl is fragile. The rubber coating on the handle is easily damaged by a fingernail, it can be even just to pull out. Honestly, all of this was first shocked, then just took place and all the fragile wrapped with insulating tape. Today looked – cracks more (this is the place where the hand directly presses on the phone when the vacuum cleaner, ie, where a tube is attached to the hose.) Here is such a Hoover, you know, all in yellow electrical tape! I can not understand any of this material it is made, that sometimes sharply pull or scratch terrible? Do not buy Chinese-made! Sorry for the anti-advertising, but it’s true. I do not throw away because the money is not a new one.

3) Review from Madison, Chicago

Recently ordered a vacuum cleaner, but much pleasure I do not get from him. I use only I, in a studio apartment, where he lives fluffy cat, actually, for the sake of these things which the device with its additional function and bought (for collection of wool brush).

Initially ordered LG – was not available, then tried to order the Samsung, and everything would be fine, but only at the stage of ordering me gently started “sell” this brand, which I until the moment did not know anything. I have to say – a man I’m a modern and open to the new.

The arguments on the other side of the phone. Tube – a comparison with such brands like the Miele, promoted in Europe and America, testrirovany excellent performance with peers … After all – modern and charming website and beautiful pictures convinced me. Now I’m upset and most likely in the short term, I get rid of him.

– Stylish, even to say – handsome
– Powerful
– Convenient parking

The main thing was to get rid of the causes:
It heats up very quickly, sometimes even to the end of harvest burnt smell (and this is 1 room. Wow!)
It electrified so that it is necessary to completely wipe for cleaning the end, including the relief hose. It seems that he is trying to dust and even housing to absorb …
Rubbish has to pick out of the dust collector. Yes, dust is poured at once, but wool, hair and bits of paper wrapped around the centrifuge
And that killed me at all – wool clumps sticking out of the bay, where there is a HEPA-filter. It turns out that he does something and does not need… Pipe circulation problems…

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