How to Deodorize a Carpet

According this article most homes have carpet flooring which adds to the aesthetic value of their rooms. Some people don't mind buying carpet of high cost because they know their worth and will do everything to keep it nice and attractive. However, sometimes we all face some problems with our lovely carpets which can spoil our mood for the whole day. I am talking of unpleasant odors which can make one have catarrh for about one week and other serious conditions as well. This is normally the case especially when there is high traffic over the carpet area or some household pets like to nap there. I might have remembered one particular incidence of yours, sorry and don't worry because below are useful tips on how to deodorize our carpet.


Baking SodaThe first method is deodorizing your carpet with half cup of baking soda and borax mixed with one teaspoon of ground spices and cinnamon. You leave them to dry in a well ventilated area for sometime. Then you sprinkle the mixture on the carpet evenly and moderately. You allow the carpet to dry for about twenty minutes. After the said time, you vacuum spray the carpet and you will not feel the scent of the bad odor again. However please take note that cinnamon is not used on light carpet. This method really works best for carpets which have bad scents due to pets. (source)


VinegarThe second method you would love to hear is deodorizing our carpet using vinegar. This method is really interesting. Though many people do not like the smell of vinegar but the method is effective in the sense that vinegar has the ability to absorb bad odors. What you will do to make things easier for you is get a bottle and put the vinegar liquid in it. Then spray the content evenly and moderately onto the carpet. After about thirty minutes, when the vinegar is dried, you will be smiling because the carpet will be odorless.

The third method will be getting rid of bad odor from your carpet usually as a result of urine and other stains. You may be wondering what this method is. It's pretty simple, just get your hand on any cheap vodka. First, pour a little vodka on the stain allowing it to act for about ten to twenty minutes. Vodka has the ability to kill germs and remove stains. During this time you can use some small hand towels to absorb excess moisture. Then the carpet is vacuum cleaned and you will not see the stains and the carpet will be odorless. Prevention is always better than cure. This does apply to carpets as well. Ensuring proper ventilation, reducing moisture content in our homes as well as vacuum spraying our carpets will go a long way to improve the freshness of our carpets. I believe now you have realized that deodorizing our carpets is nothing difficult. I hope you have enjoyed. Thanks.(source)

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