Preparing to lose weight on a smoothie

To move a dietTo move a diet it is important to properly prepare. To this end, a few days before the diet to reduce caloric intake (1200 kcal), and the amount consumed servings. The best thing at this time is, cereals, fresh fruits and vegetables, you can lean meats and fish boiled. It is also necessary in the day to drink at least two liters of pure water without gas. The number of meals per day should be at least four-five (approximately every 2-2.5 hours), but in small portions, with one of the techniques necessary to replace fresh juice or simply water.

During weight loss smoothies to be excluded sharp, salty, sweet, fatty, fried, smoked foods, as well as semi-finished products, canned foods, caffeine, alcohol and carbonated drinks.

During the diet the total fluid intake (smoothies, water, juices) should not exceed three liters per day.

From diet to smoothies should go right. This should be done gradually, over the past two weeks include a diet of solid foods and increase calorie 1500 calories. And, of course, drink plenty of water throughout the day.

Tips for preparing smoothies for weight loss

To drink was more thick, use more fruit (frozen in winter suit as an option).
If the mix sour and sweet varieties of fruit, you get a more full-bodied and rich taste.
The basis of the cocktail can serve as a low-fat yogurt or yogurt to candy can add a little honey.
For a cocktail, you can use absolutely any juice, it all depends on your taste and preferences of the season.
The finished drink can be added on top of a handful of your favorite nuts.
Do not use high-calorie cocktails additives such as water ice, cream, ice cream.

How to prepare smoothies for weight loss
To mix a cocktail products are kindly asked to wash, peel, remove seeds and cut into halves. Effectively mixed in equal proportions different density products, such as apple and orange. No sugar or its substitutes in smoothies should not be! (source)

The strict seven-day diet smoothies
During the week only 5.4 times smoothie 1 glass (approximately 250 g at a time) per day over 2-2.5 hours.

The three-day diet smoothies
It is more gentle. Provides for the replacement of three welcome cocktails food to other techniques you can eat porridge, boiled not fat meat, vegetables, low-fat yogurt.

Sample menu
Breakfast: a serving of oatmeal in the water, a glass of apple juice.
Lunch: a portion of a cocktail (250 g).
Lunch: boiled piece of chicken, a cup of broth from it.
Snack: a glass of smoothie.
Supper: a mix of pre-cooked vegetables with the addition of a teaspoon of olive oil and herbs.

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