Shark Navigator Vacuum Review

A case for a smart choice of handheld vacuums or stick vacuums in any home will be clearly made in this Shark Navigator vacuum review. I have been looking to replace a 5000 pound Kirby purchased by my Mother, circa 1986.

I think that she purchased it from a door to door sales person and since passed it on to me. I remember her telling me that she spent nearly a thousand dollars on the unit then.

I hate the weight and fact that I have to buy bags for it. It really sucks. And I’m not even talking about the quality of vacuuming it does. So I ventured out in search of its replacement.

Comparing the Shark Navigator NV22L to brands like Dyson, obviously I found that I didn’t want to spend $300-500 on a vacuum cleaner. And for fear of spending less for less quality, I was led to look a Shark Navigator Reviews.

I found quite a lot of information on this vacuum and with ravings fans too. So here is my take on what to look for, what others think about Shark Navigators, and even the few complaints that I found.

What to look for when you buy a Shark Navigator NV22L

In any vacuum that you buy, you want to make sure that it performs well by sucking up dirt and hair, easy to maintain, and is versatile in the types of flooring that you are cleaning.

Infinity Technology
No replacement parts
Brush roll shut-off
Above floor cleaning
Infinity Technology

The Shark Navigator NV22L is fitted with Infinity Technology. The purpose of this design is to prevent debris from obstructing the filter during operation. This is done with the 21 cyclonic force that moves dirt and hair constantly then trapping it away from the filter.

By preventing the filtering mechanisms from getting congested, suction power remains constant removing 99% of dirt from the floor. If you’ve ever used a vacuum with a bag then you have probably noticed that when the hole of the bag feed is obstructed the vacuum pull is degraded significantly.

Replacement Parts

There are none! That is more reasons why so many have went with this model of shark Navigator. There are no belts to ever replace. It is bag less therefore no additional ongoing expenses of bags to buy. The removable dust cup catches the dirt and empties easily. Most are used to this newer feature in today’s vacuums.

Here is a benefit to you that is not so common. Included in this upright vac are lifetime filters. No replacing them ever. You are only recommended to rinse them out twice a year.

Brush roll shut-off

A Shark Navigator vacuum review would not be complete without talk of the two-motor system built in the vacuum. The electronic brush roll beneath the upright can be switched on or off for various floor cleaning types.

When used on carpets the brush combs the piles, loosening any packed down debris. Paired with the Infinity Technology, dirt doesn’t have a chance on staying in the carpet. The Navigator is perfect for cleaning bare floors too. When the brush roll is off, it performs great on tile, linoleum, and hardwoods.

This is good because in other vacs that cannot turn off the brush, they just spin the dirt past the suction leaving a trail of crumbs behind the machine rather than picking up the garbage as intended.

The Navigator makes great transitions from the different types of floor surfaces with a flick of the switch on the power nozzle.

Above floor cleaning

In addition to floor cleaning, modern vacuum cleaners are expected to provide many more features. Namely, above floor cleaning jobs like ceilings, furniture, wall corners, upholstery and many tight places that dirt, hair, and dust can accumulate.

The Shark NV22L doesn’t disappoint in this category. With its super stretch hose and fast release wand, you’ll have the ability to reach an additional 12 feet of cleaning. The exclusive pet hair power brush is designed to lift and remove pet hair like magic from upholstery and stairs. Additionally, equipped with two crevice tool attachments to grab hard to reach areas ensure a complete clean house.

The dusting brush makes good use of cleaning and dusting furniture without damaging or scratching the surfaces.

How much should you expect to pay?

The list price on the Shark Navigator NV22L. The most consistent pricing we found is on Amazon who consistently offers it new at the $149.54 price range

What comes shipped in the box?

The vacuum, power cord, dust cup, and lifetime filters

Accessories include pet hair power brush, crevice tool, dusting brush, cleaning wand and extra 24-inch crevice tool.

Warranty information

Five year limited warranty including the lifetime filter system that only needs rinsing twice a year.

What others are saying about Shark Navigator NV22L

I was pretty amazed at how many people raved over this vacuum. Almost like a religion people swear by the features that the Shark Navigator NV22L offers. Even users posted more information after one year of use still claiming the durability of the vacuum and still providing powerful suction. Over 360 reviews have given this upright vacuum an average of 4.2 out of 5 stars, and over 200 of those reviews were 5 stars by the purchasers. Here is just a few comments of what is being said about the vacuum in this Shark Navigator Vacuum Review.

“As someone whos very allergic to dust and dirt, this is the best vacuum cleaner Ive had ever! The Shark Navigator is very flexible and at the same time, durable.”
“I am handicapped and trying to be able to clean by myself. I bought this because I needed something light-weight, but that also could clean well.”
“You can feel and see the new freshness thats in my home because of this product. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to deep-clean the home.”
“I could not believe the amount of dirt that came out of my one year old carpet.”
“I wish I could give it 10 stars!”

I found three consistent complaints to include in this Shark Navigator Review. But none of them seemed to hinder or elicit regret from any of the purchasers.

First, as with the majority of bag less vacuums, the dust cup fills too quickly. So the trade off for not having to continuously purchase additional bags is more frequent trips to the garbage can.

Secondly, the 30 foot power cord is not retractable. Plan on spending a couple of minutes winding it up when the job is done. On the other hand, it is a 30’ long cord giving you plenty of length to finish two or three rooms in between outlet changes.

And lastly, the Navigator doesn’t have a height adjustment for transitioning from longer shag, low or even bare floors. From what everyone is saying about the suction power, a height adjustment isn’t missed anyway.

Where can you read another Shark Navigator Vacuum Review?

I have found the most helpful Shark Navigator vacuum review to be from people who have already bought one themselves.

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