Vehicle Trackers Help In Stolen Vehicle Recovery

Losing a big commitment such as a car can be stressing. Knowing that your car has a tracking device could reassure you a little.

Getting the best protection for your car helps you monitor your car for theft and also make sure that any car you own is being used for the right purposes. A recent research that was carried out in England has revealed that a car is stolen for every four to five minutes. Get ahead of the game by choosing an effective and reliable vehicle recovery system that is not easy to manipulate. With technology, it is becoming possible to overcome GPS/GSM hackers. Within hours, you can find your stolen car.

  • How do trackers help in stolen vehicle recovery?

Almost everyone knows what a GPS navigation tracker does. But very few know how the mechanism works. The Global Positioning System (GPS) works with 27 satellites that orbit around the earth. Three of them are only back-up in case of failure. Each satellite is linked to the GPS receiver in your car. Through trilateration, your speed, direction of travel and specific location can be determined by only three of the satellites. A passive GPS system will record all these movements in the vehicle whereas an active GPS system will transmit the feed to a central computer or android device. With the GPS system you can remotely lock the doors to your car, stop the engine or even set off the alarm! On the other side, an active tracker could be costly. The installation, integration with your devices, server operations and data plans requires a huge investment.

  • ┬áTrackers will help you save on fuel

Modern GPS trackers can help you to calculate the most economical routes to your destination. With more advanced software, employers can get up-to-date information on how much fuel is being used for goods in transit. This helps in decision making and also improves the employees driving habits. With a good car tracking system, you will be notified if there are any traffic closures.


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